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Alpaca sale

Tuesday, 27 December 2016 16:28

Buy stylish cozy treats at bargain prices.

If you don't yet own an Alpaca garment you don't know what you are missing! Alpaca wool is five times warmer and more durable than sheep wool so much lighter and comfortable to wear.


 These fabulously soft, snuggly and stylish fur hats are made from the finest fur from Alpaca who live high in the Andes.

In black, white, brown or champagne






Hand-loomed in Peru and Bolivia, this gorgeous  Alpaca wrap is timeless!
Alpaca wrap sylvia small

Treat your favourite person (or yourself!) to a gorgeously soft, cozy Winter warmer set comprising hat, scarf and gloves in two beautiful styles. SALE PRICE £75Orange brown Alpaca set
Or Fabulously soft and warm these fine socks are made from the wool of baby alpacas 

Jaguar Socks opt

New 'How to' kits

Tuesday, 21 June 2016 08:49

 Our 'How to knit' kit by Buttonbag has proved very popular and many people have successfully started to knit! So we have expanded our range to include the

Crochet Kit

Crochet suitcase optCROCHET ALL MAKES opt

and the Sewing Kit 

Sewing Suitcase optsewing suitcase makes opt

Great for an adult just starting out or an older child. A Godsend for wet Summer holidays! 






iBomb Cobble

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 10:12

 Let me introduce you to the iBomb Cobble. This great little device is a must for anyone who has a smartphone, tablet or MP3 player, such as an iPod. Play music, take selfies, and answer your phone using Blue Tooth all with this pocket sized device. At just £19 its makes a great affordable present for any occasion. Perfect for Father's Day!


Pink iBombGreen iBombBlue iBombBlue iBomb packaged




 It cannot have escaped your attention that it is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death on 23rd April.

Peach Perfect is sponsoring the exhibition 'Shakespeare 400 - History, Heritage and Faith' at the Collegiate Church of St Mary's, Warwick, which is being opened by Dame Judy Dench on 21st April.

To make our own celebration we have a Special Offer on the cookbook cum food history book

'The Food of Love: A Taste of Shakespeare in Four Seasons'

food-of-love-cover-shadow opt

It will also be signed by the co-author and Shakespearen scholar Dr Alycia Smith-Howard. 

Hurry while stocks last! 



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