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A little bit about Peach Perfect

Kate Findlay, Founder Peach Perfect

Welcome to Peach Perfect!

A new online gift shop that focuses on selected high quality, unusual or different products which make great gifts for every occasion. Presents that people genuinely are delighted to receive because they are beautiful, useful or interesting. No tat or tacky gimmicks here! We aim to please the giver and the receiver.

The products range from handmade in Britain to manufactured in China, small or large, expensive or inexpensive, for young or old and anything in the middle! What they have in common is that they are great gift ideas for weddings, anniversaries, new home presents or just Christmas and birthdays.

We are fussy about the products we will sell in the shop. They must meet our criteria. So we are starting small and aim to grow as we find good products, so please do stick with us to see what we find. We have Twitter and Facebook pages facebook twitterand regular News updates. 

If you find something which you really like and think would be suitable we would love to hear from you. Please do Contact us 


Kate Findlay

Founder of Peach Perfect 



New Front Page Design and more...

Coming up to our first birthday seemed a good time to reflect on what we have learned about how people use the site and what works and what doesn't. Consequently we have simplified the front page, (ditched the moving top banner, which people seemed to find distracting) and created a mobile version whch is easier to use on a phone. This should please Google also and help our rankings! 

You can now also browse by price range within 'For her', 'For Him', 'For Them' and 'Baby & Child'  which will make gift selection even easier. 

Perhaps most importantly we have implemented product reviews. Just login (via Account on the top menu) and navigate to the product. As always, any feedback would be much appreciated! contact us 



Update New Year 2014

Well it's been 9 months since we first launched the website. I could write a book on how to (and how NOT to) launch a new online retail business. It has been a sharp learning curve! I have learned so much about technical stuff. It has been really hard to find reliable technical support but now we have a wonderful man in Rumania called Claudiu who can do anything! 

Social media has been another challenge. When, what & how often to Tweet or blog?! Getting the balance right is a challenge! Feedback is always appreciated.   

We have introduced our INSPIRATION page which has articles on various topics which I hope you will find interesting and informative. 

A few charities are also now benefiting from our sales. See Happy Hopperz, Hug Me Bear, Glass hearts and Beautiful Brollies.

Pricing and positioning in the market has been another challenge. We found that people were finding products they liked on Peach Perfect and then going elsewhere to buy. Many of products cannot be found easily elsewhere but if they are featured on online discounters like Amazon we have met or cut prices to compete. We have also brought down the delivery prices. At the moment that means our margins are low but getting our name known and trusted is more important than profit right now!     

Christmas tested our systems and processes and by and large we came through unscathed. It was our first profitable period which is heartening. Still a way to go but I am optimistic about the future. In 2015 we will adding many more products and will continue to make improvements as we learn. Stick with us!

Happy New Year!